Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a very ancient healing tradition still practiced in Native Tribes around the World. 


Shaman's enter an altered state of consciousness, connecting with all of creation, in order to receive messages of healing from Guiding Spirits.  We enter this other realm with the intent of healing, and by asking our Guides the right questions, we are shown what healing needs to take place.

Our Spiritual Bodies are damaged during trauma, this can be as simple as words our parents spoke to us during childhood, or a traumatic experience that we may not even consciously remember.  Our Spirit or Soul jumps out in these moments to protect itself, and fragments are left behind when returning to our bodies, through fear of this happening again. Not being complete gives power to  illness, both physical and mental, & illness becomes present in our physical bodies.  Together we can gently harness this energy, and have it feel safe to return, bringing us back into complete & balanced state.

Spiritual Bodies and our energy fields can also be damaged just by the thoughts we continuously repeat to ourselves, which turn into words and then actions.  If we are habitually negative we are forcing our frequency and energetic vibration to be low, giving power to sickness, illness, and also negative occurrences, as the forces of nature bring to us what we continuously put out through our thoughts, words & actions.


Welcome to our Website.  Our Intent is to guide you into healing your past in order to move forward on a path of love and illumination.  Letting go of anything that no longer serves you, making room for the Divine Light accessible to us at all times from our Creator.  In order to welcome this Divine Love, we must first make room for it.

By becoming an observer of our own feelings, thoughts, words & actions, we are able to acknowledge, understand, accept, then heal that part of ourselves that has been hurt through trauma.  Through forgiveness we Heal.

Learning to connect with Nature is a part of our Healing process. Once we connect all our senses to all the life and guidance around us, life begins to flow, synchronicity becomes a way of life that guides us, a deep knowing starts to cultivate, a knowing that all is at it should be.

Is Shamanic Healing for me?

Shamanic Healing is for those who are ready to deeply connect with life.  Who are wanting to have deep & meaningful relationships with people & more importantly, with themselves.  For those who are ready to let go of old belief systems & change current habits which no longer serve them.  For those who feel lost, confused, not knowing why they are here or what to do, and are ready to receive clarity & self awareness in order to start truly living this gift of life we have been given.  For those feeling a pull to a deeper connection with nature & with our Creator.  For those who are ready to go deep into their Spirit and gently pull out the muggy energy that is clogging our senses, and bring in the divine light from our Creator.


If you are ready to stop living in Fear & step into our innate nature of Love.  If you feel a pull to our Creator, something bigger than us, the force you know is out there but just don't know how to harness it, speak to it or receive it's messages.  If you've tried a number of different things but have struggled to move forward, it is now time to go inwards.


Spiritual Healer & Teacher


I have been a Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Adviser for many years.  Blessed with many gifts, I never really knew what to do with, in fact I would not speak of them, until I was on my death bed.  THEN, it all made sense & I understood how to use my gifts & be of service.  I am now ready to immerse myself completely and fulfil my purpose in this Earthly Realm.

As a Shamanic Healer, I am able to enter & access the full spectrum of consciousness.  Once in this altered state, I am able to implement healing and become a medium between energy and form.  Once in these realms I am connected with all of creation and am able to receive messages from our Guides, Angels, Spirit & Animal Guides, this enables me to see impediments in your physical & non-physical bodies.  With the help of our Guides I am able to locate the source & eliminate or alter it in accordance with your higher good.

I am merely a vessel for Spirit to heal you.  I am the connection from the Spirit World to you.

With my guidance we will be able to locate and take out blockages that do not serve you, and gently harness and welcome back in parts of your Spirit which have left through trauma or shock. Bringing you back to your innate vibration of Love.


What InsideOut Offers

  • Shamanic Journeying - Healing

  • Angelic Healing (Working with Pure Light from the Divine)

  • Past Life Energy Clearing

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Trauma Healing

  • Home & Land Energy Clearing

  • Distant Healing (you need not be physically present, I travel to you energetically)

(All Healings are Intuitive - What your Spirit Calls for)

  • Sacred Group Meditations & Healing

  • Return to Source Workshops (Group) - Level 1 & Level 2


    Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching

  • Goal Setting & Motivation (Have been a Mindful Personal Trainer for over 17 years)

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